The State of Phage 2020 Survey

Welcome to the State of Phage 2020 survey!

The phage field is clearly growing around the world, but we realized that no one has collected a bird’s eye view of what everyone is working on. From our conversations with researchers, we believe that phage research activity and diversity of approaches is greater than the published literature would suggest. We created the State of Phage 2020 survey to fill this gap. We hope it will help researchers learn more about how their phage research approaches compare with others around the world, and that it will help establish a baseline for the current state of phage research so we can collectively track how it grows and evolves over time.

Who is this for?

Phage researchers (academia, government, industry) at any stage, as well as phage classroom instructors and students

Why take part?

Find out how your lab compares to other phage labs around the world

Are you the only one working on phages targeting a certain host in your corner of the world? Are your phage and strain collections larger than the average? Do they come from sources few others are exploring? How do your methods of phage characterization and analysis differ from those of others?

Add your lab’s voice to a collective effort to show the robust and diverse state of phage research

The phage field is growing, but not everyone can see that. Contribute to a collective effort to show onlookers (especially prospective funders, medical professionals, industry, and talented early career scientists) how far the phage research field has already come, and to demonstrate growth, maturity and changes in phage research over time.

What to expect

This survey comes in five parts, and will take about 15-30 minutes in total to complete. We will ask you about your career stage, your lab‘s bacterial strain collection, your lab‘s phage collection, the methods your lab uses to study phages, where you like to publish, and a few other questions. Your progress will be continuously saved to your browser (in case you accidentally close it, or if you want to take a break).

Phage Directory will compile the results at the end of 2020 and publish a report in our newsletter Capsid & Tail in 2021. We hope to run this survey annually in order to observe trends in the phage research field.

  • Are we missing an interesting question or angle? We welcome any questions, comments, corrections, and feedback! Send us (Jessica and Jan) an email at!
  • Please share this survey with your phage friends and collaborators! The more respondents, the better results we’ll get!

~ Jessica & Jan, Phage Directory

Thank you to the 124 phage fans who have completed the survey! Please help the community by spreading the word!

Before we get started

We ask for some information about you so we are able to ask followup questions. Your name and email will be kept private, and we will not share or sell your name or email.

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